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We know you will love Marshall Chiropractic as much as we do. Don’t take our word for it. Ask our patients! Check below and read dozens of testimonials from our dedicated patients!

I recommend Marshall Chiropractic to anyone and everyone that is having back pain, headaches, knee pain, etc. I started back in December when my back pain and headaches were unbearable. Now I can actually function without any pain – which is wonderful. I also take my 2 month old son there to help with his development. It honestly makes a huge difference in his movement. The friendly staff is wonderful as well. Like I said, I would definitely recommend them!

Kelly Loudermilk

I have over 20 years experience going to chiropractors but would only recommend Dr. Ryan Marshall. I have the best experience every time I go see Dr. Marshall. He has helped me manage my chiropractic needs for over two years. I take my son and mother-n-law to see him and he has been able to help them as well. I would recommend him to anyone. His office staff is the most friendly and helpful people you will find any where.

Kathey Ceass

Best experience ever! After being misdiagnosed by my surgeon, I had cortisone shots in my back for years. They stopped working and I was in great pain. Dr. Marshall was able to quickly find a solution to start me on the road to pain free recovery! While there, he was able to help me with several other issues as well. Bonus! I would recommend him to anyone!

Katie True

I live in California and while visiting relatives when my back started acting up. Since my normal chiropractor was thousands of miles away I had to go with a stranger. Thank God I found Marshall Chiropractic, I couldn’t have had a better experience! If he practiced in my state would have ended up switching doctors for sure.

Ryan Ruch

Dr. Marshall’s clinic is exceptional–well-run, professional, and appointments are on time. Dr. Marshall is very good at getting to the true cause of pain and relieving it. He is a wonderful healer. He has also recommended other resources to me because his priority is that my health continue to improve.

Malisa Nell

Dr. Marshall always works with my hectic schedule! He charges a fair price and has a really great demeanor! He does infant adjustments also, which has been helpful for my son who frequently rides in the car.

Mehgan Griffin

Before I started seeing Dr. Marshall, lower back pain was interrupting every night of sleep. Dr. Marshall has done a great job helping to correct the problem. It is nice to get a full night’s sleep again!

Gary Wardlaw

Great experience at Marshall Chiropractic. Had an issue with my sciatic nerve and Dr. Marshall took care of it. Haven’t dealt with the issue since my last visit!

Chris Wills

Super good chiropractor who will listen to you and help work with you through the problems. Ryan Marshall is the best. Come visit him and his fine staff. Great visit.

Robert Griffin

As long as you follow Dr. Marshalls advice, you’re going to do fine. He was my first chiropractor and helped me through a long term back problem. My back no longer hurts!

Eddie Quezada

The staff is very polite and I felt like I was important. Dr. Marshall made it about getting me better than just racking up a bill for unnecessary treatments. I now have a chiropractor that I can refer to family and friends.

Andrea Oldham

Dr Marshall and his staff are excellent. You will have his undivided attention during your appointment. His staff does their best to make sure you do not wait any longer than necessary.

Kathy Albert

Always attentive to my needs! I am very confident of Dr. Marshall’s skill and professionalism. I have recommended Marshall Chiropractic to many of my family and friends, and I will continue to do so.

Rosalee Kelley

Dr Ryan Marshall is an awesome healer. He has given me so much relief over the past two years. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor in Tulsa.

Barbara Hoyal