Chiropractic Care and Auto Accidents

Tulsa chiropractor Ryan Marshall, D.C. and his staff at Marshall Chiropractic & Wellness Center understand how the chronic pain from injuries sustained in a car accident can keep you away from your daily living activities. Our Tulsa services are an integral component to the healthcare system and are complimentary to the medical profession. We work in conjunction with your medical physicians to return you as fully as possible to your state of good health before the treatment for injuries from accidents became necessary.

Chances are that if you’ve been in a car accident you experience whiplash. Whiplash encompasses the common neck injury of car accidents to the soft tissues in the back and neck. It also includes the muscles and ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. You might also experience soft tissue injury in your chest or breasts from the seat-belt. Dr. Marshall designed his Tulsa chiropractic center as a complete treatment facility for injuries from car or other accidents.

You can expect your first examination to include a complete account of how the auto accident occurred. A complete account of the current symptoms and the symptoms you experienced immediately following the accident. A thorough physical examination will also be done. If necessary, we will take x-rays in our office to help us further determine the best treatment regimen to return you to your pre-accident state of good health. Completing your treatment program and continuing with chiropractors is the best way for you to return to the activities you enjoy.

Your chiropractic care for auto injuries might include:

Chiropractic manipulation
Therapeutic stretches
Traction devices
Physical therapy modalities
Muscle stimulation, or electrical stimulation
Ice therapy
Heat therapy

Affordable Tulsa Chiropractor Services

You may be concerned that you cannot afford a chiropractor for motorcycle accidents. At a time when you are suffering you should only have to worry about the healing and care process and not financial woes. This Tulsa chiropractic and his staff work with your various insurances to reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Most auto-accident patients have no out of pocket expense.

Most health companies cover the cost of chiropractors in Tulsa because of the remarkable success patients have during therapy, especially after motorcycle accidents. Our friendly staff is more than happy to check with your benefits when you schedule your first appointment.

Our Tulsa center also accepts automobile insurance medical payments coverage (medpay). Which is a specific dollar amount reserved under your auto insurance coverage or that of the liable party to cover medical costs regardless of who caused the accident.

Our Tulsa chiropractic center makes a payment plan using the combined benefits of the insurances mentioned above. If you pursue a legal claim against the responsible party or your own auto uninsured/under-insurance coverage, any remaining balance might be payable out of the proceeds of any legal settlement by way of a medical lien. Your out-of-pocket expense is minimal if there is any at all. All you need to do is bring your health insurance card and your auto insurance card along with any auto insurance claim numbers to your first visit.

Call the Tulsa Marshall Chiropractic & Wellness Center for chiropractic care for accidents

There is no reason to live with pain and discomfort after injuries from accidents. The back injury accident or a neck injury accident can be treated! Call Tulsa chiropractor Ryan Marshall, D.C. at the Marshall Chiropractic & Wellness Center at (918) 494-0929 to schedule an immediate appointment.

Chiropractic Care and Auto Accidents

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