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Pediatric Chiropractor Tulsa Oklahoma’s Dr. Marshall can help children with regular adjustments.

What Causes Pain Among Children

Learn More About Our Chiropractor Tulsa Ok Services  Hello! We hope that everyone is enjoying their days as we dive into Summer Time. The sun is out and everyone is ready to grill, swim, and enjoy family time. We are excited to see many of our patients enjoy the outdoors again. Our goal is always to enable people to enjoy their Continue Reading...
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Chiropractic Care and Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorders are two childhood disorders addressed through alternative treatment methods, other than medication management. While this is still in the research phase it is thought to have benefits for children beyond what conventional medicine has seen. The medical community as well as the general public still have questions as to the effectiveness of chiropractic as a valid method of treatment alone or in combination with...
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Is There a Chiropractor for Children?

More and more parents today are seeking chiropractic care for their children and for good reason. A visit to the chiropractor can be just as important as a visit to the dentist or your pediatrician’s office. Chiropractic care not only helps keep your child’s spinal cord in order but also helps to alleviate and prevent numerous additional health issues. Kids who see a chiropractor tend to have excellent overall health....
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How to Check Yourself for Better Posture

Many people do not realize the damage they do over time by implementing poor posture habits into their lives. As a result of the slouching people do when sitting and standing, they are likely to develop back pain, neck pain, and even curvature of the spine. It is important for your health and mobility to maintain as perfect a posture as you can....
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Children and Chiropractic Care

Many children have to carrying heavy backpacks and enjoy playing sports. Many of these children may need to have their spines checked for proper alignment for future development. We are also now scheduling school physicals and sports physicals. ...
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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

I would like to answer a question that many have been asking. How young is too young for Chiropractic care? That’s a great question. Chiropractic treatment is very gentle for children when done right. Kids need chiropractic care just like everybody else. If you have ever seen the birth process, a child stumble, or even a high school athlete sustain an injury then you can understand the need for...
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